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I am a Brooklyn based freelance creative director and graphic designer.

I am also… a Pratt Institute graduate // Texas born and raised // a dancer // a musician // passionate about and constantly inspired by the art of film making, all things horror, and psychology.


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Forever lurking.

My art & design is a reflection of self and humanity, an introspective dance between issues of cultural importance and the aspects of ourselves we have not yet allowed to come to the surface. Conflict, struggle, and pain are the forces that drive my desire to communicate, while love, devotion and awe fuel my creative process. I am an organized voyeur working in the realm of reaction, constantly seeking gratification that a nerve has been struck, a brow has been raised, or a spine has been chilled. I have taken an unconventional approach to drug awareness in the form of a fashion collection to educate through means of cultural relevance. I have used light as a medium and the body’s movement to illustrate the dark and heavy burdening of mental illness, in hopes of an emotional response. Empathy over apathy, confession over repression, I aim to arouse a subtle amount of surreal dread and ignite a significant amount of conceptual catharsis. The predominant goal of my work is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.


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